Tayo AlukoTayo Aluko

A compelling tour-de-force performance reviving one of the 20th Century’s most impressive figures.

CALL MR. ROBESON is a rollercoaster journey  through African-American actor and singer Paul Robeson’s life, highlighting how his activism led to his downfall.

Features Ol’ Man River & other famous songs, much fiery oratory, and a defiant testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee. CALL MR. ROBESON charts the rise and fall of one of the 20th Century’s greatest actors, singers and civil rights champions.

“A must-see experience, a treasure of a show. TOP PICK!
– DC Theater Scene

Written and Performed by Tayo Aluko
Directed by Olusola Oyeleye

Solo Show with Live Piano Accompaniment

“First-rate … “ 4 Stars, The Guardian

“A genuine tour de force” Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS



Emily UniverseEmily Levine

Solo Shows • Corporate • Keynote

Harvard grad Emily Levine does for science what Jon Stewart does for news: she critiques it, she makes it relevant and she makes it funny.  Whether as a comedian, a writer,  a radio commentator or speaker, Emily updates her audience on Big Ideas from science and shows how these Ideas suggest changes in our social institutions, our business practices, even our everyday behavior.   Now that recent studies show that humor primes the brain for those big leaps we know as “aha” moments, there is actual proof beyond the standing ovations that Emily’s brand of Big Ideas and Big Laughs can provoke and inspire as well as entertain.

See what the brainiac philosopher-comedian is up to:


“I have never spent a more entertaining, intellectually arresting and emotionally fulfilling hour in the theater.” |
– Norman Lear

“Witty, whimsical, deeply thoughtful and, most of all, completely hilarious.”
– Lily Tomlin


Frank Oden









Frank Oden

Poetry in Concert featured here in COWBOY JAMBOREE with Conductor Adam Flatt

Symphonic Pops and Narration Lyrical concert programs merging original poetry, humor, education and theatrical production values with live symphonic performance.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with SONG OF THE EARTH

Another hit!   Song of the Earth is wonderful…” – Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

HAUNTED SYMPHONY lyrical narrative for classically spooky dramatic repertoire.

Bring scout night to the music hall with CAMPFIRE TALES

Original Thematic Poetry Written and Performed by Frank Oden.