About Us

SAGE represents Artists and Speakers in engaging performance in the arts & sciences offering creative ideas through solo shows, spoken word, symphonic pops and narration, keynote addresses, and unique stage productions. Embracing the concept of  ‘global citizen,’ SAGE embraces the Science & Arts Global Exchange of ideas by entertaining audiences on subjects ranging from music and history to climate change, physics, the economy and more presented through comedy, music, poetry and prose in dynamic performance for performing arts stages, symphonies, festivals, schools, corporate events, conferences and community engagement.

Entertainment and Enlightenment for Citizens of the World. Join the Renaissance!

From Ted Conferences worldwide to New York’s 92nd Street Y, EMILY LEVINE’s corporate keynote and one-woman shows delight audiences with her brainiac comedy as she explains the real science of the universe, our economy, and more transforming our understanding of our universe, our world and ourselves. FRANK ODEN’S lyrical narrative Poetry in Concert series is noted among top family and pop concerts for orchestra and ensembles. Song of the Earth is an outstanding ‘green’ addition to his repertoire. International award-winning TAYO ALUKO revives actor and singer Paul Robeson’s remarkable career and strife-filled life of activism for civil rights.  As a writer and activist for environmental and social justice, Climate Reality leader Gail Schickele offers custom slide presentations from living rooms to conference halls.