Tayo AlukoTayo Aluko

A compelling tour-de-force performance reviving one of the 20th Century’s most impressive figures.

CALL MR. ROBESON is a rollercoaster journey through African-American Paul Robeson’s remarkable life highlighting his music and activism. Features Ol’ Man River & other famous songs, much fiery oratory, and a defiant testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee. CALL MR. ROBESON charts the rise and fall of one of the 20th Century’s greatest actors, singers and civil rights champions.

“First-rate … “ 4 Stars, The Guardian

“A must-see experience, a treasure of a show. TOP

“A genuine tour de force”
     –  Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS

JUST AN ORDINARY LAWYER highlights the life of Britain’s cricket-loving first Black Head of Chambers and Judge in Britain who muses on Imperialism, Colonialism and Black people’s struggles for freedom, justice and human rights, in Africa and the diaspora. But Tunji Sowande is not a political man – he prefers to do his job and watch sports, and does his bit to spread peace and love through the medium of music and song.

Solo Shows with Live Piano Accompaniment
Written and Performed by Tayo Aluko



Emily UniverseEmily Levine

Emily Levine’s one-woman shows of thought-provoking philosophic stand-up merges our left and right brain with her erudite insights in science and art.

“I have never spent a more entertaining, intellectually arresting and emotionally fulfilling hour in the theater.” | . – Norman Lear

STAY TUNED for news and screenings about the soon to be released feature film EMILY @ THE EDGE OF CHAOS

WITH GUEST STARS • JOHN LITHGOW as Sir Isaac Newton • LEONARD NIMOY as Sigmund Freud
RICHARD LEWIS as Aristotle • LILY TOMLIN as Ayn Rand

ACTUAL SCIENTISTS!  • Computer Scientist and Inventor SANNY HILLIS • Director of Carnegie Observatory WENDY FREEDMAN • Nobel Laureate KARY MULLIS

Directed by WENDY APPLE • Executive Producer BOB BALABAN  •  Written by and Starring EMILY LEVINE

“Witty, whimsical, deeply thoughtful and, most of all, completely hilarious.”  – Lily Tomlin

“Smart, funny, wise and inspiring, she even manages to make the audience feel likewise.” – Bill Moyers

“if you don’t get Emily Levine’s smart comedy, you’re an idiot.”   – Matt Groening



Frank Oden

Frank Oden

Poetry in Concert featured here in COWBOY JAMBOREE with Conductor Adam Flatt

Symphonic Pops and Narration Lyrical concert programs merging original poetry, humor, education and theatrical production values with live symphonic performance.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with SONG OF THE EARTH

Another hit!   Song of the Earth is wonderful…” – Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

HAUNTED SYMPHONY lyrical narrative for classically spooky dramatic repertoire.

Bring scout night to the music hall with CAMPFIRE TALES

Original Thematic Poetry
Written and Performed by Frank Oden.

Frank Oden combines the power of a Shakespearean actor, the stage presence of a great magician and the physicality of a Warner Bros. cartoon.

“Perfect!”     –  Marvin Hamlisch